BROWARD BACKLASH: Florida Sheriff Faces ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ Vote from His Own Deputies


Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel found himself in hot-water Friday, facing a “no confidence” vote from his own department after multiple “failures” have “crushed moral” throughout the agency.

According to NBC Miami, Sheriff Scott Israel will face the up-or-down vote from his own deputies following his handling and response to the deadly shooting that stunned South Florida earlier this year.

“The move comes as Israel and his agency have been heavily criticized for their response during and after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in which 17 people, mostly teenage students, were shot dead,” writes NBC.

In a written statement, the official association of deputies said the vote was necessary following “many instances of suspected malfeasance, misfeasance, failure to maintain fiduciary responsibility by the Sheriff, failure to properly investigate possible criminal conduct by members of his senior command staff and the lack of leadership that has crushed morale through the agency.”

The vote would be a largely symbolic move that would not relieve the sheriff of his duties if passed. The starting date of the vote has not yet been revealed.

In response, BSO said that Jeff Bell, the president of the association’s Local 6020 chapter, told Israel during a recent phone conversation that with the Parkland tragedy being prevalent in news coverage, that it would be an opportune time to settle contract issues.

“It is unfortunate and appalling that the IUPA union boss – in the midst of ongoing labor contract salary negotiations – is trying to use the Parkland tragedy as a bargaining tactic to extort a 6.5 percent pay raise from BSO through this ‘vote of no confidence’ ploy,” Israel said in a statement.


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